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About us

The Catalyst Research Institute offers the United States Congress and Federal Agency space world-leading experts to advise on critical initiatives.

Catalyst Research Institute is a boutique Washington DC-based think tank focusing on public-private sector critical infrastructure advisory and international association, NGO and Institute advisory, restructuring, and creation. We form roundtables, fellows programs, topic-based university internships, club programs, and other vehicles on behalf of public and private initiatives advising Western government stakeholders and elected officials.

We provide a proven and complete “win-win” architecture that catapults initiatives directly into the inner sanctum of decision-makers within the United States Congress, United Nations, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, and the European Union. We focus on the audience that requires your initiative’s momentum and expertise the most.

We provide the grassroots connectivity to elected officials that is unrivaled anywhere in this space. Each initiative is layered with a potent and proprietary architectural combination of top-tier experts, academic research, direct stakeholder connectivity, media engagement, grassroots and association support, and university programs.

CRI is not a lobbying organization; instead, we offer advisory services that harness the power of NGO, coalition, and roundtable structures that triple the distance in a fraction of the time.

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