Advisory & Fellowships

"Our Mission is to provide a potent advisory that bridges the gaps in the most common niche topics that have traditionally been overlooked and ignored." 

The Catalyst Research Institute prides itself in identifying and cultivating the development of next generation Thought Leaders who have mastered all facets of their professional niche and are able  to communicate technically difficult and granular aspects of their industry in a direct, concise and meaningful way.


Our Fellows represent several specialty niches spanning both the public and private sectors which include:


  • Cybersecurity

  • Blockchain

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Modern Warfare

    • Election Security

    • Asymmetric Warfare

    • Genetic Warfare

    • Chemical Warfare and Toxicology

    • Digitized Information Warfare and Influence operations

    • Cyber Warfare

  • Private Equity & Finance

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Health IT and Healthcare

  • among others...

Contact us for details on our Fellowship programs and our Congressional and Federal Agency briefing schedules.

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