American Blockchain Advisory Council

The American Blockchain Advisory Council is one of the only full-service blockchain advisories contributing expertise to the United States Congress. ABAC is the culmination of 4 years of Congressional and Federal Agency advisory that has resulted in a unique audience primed to be briefed and act on information from the industry's most astute experts and thought leaders. Our mission with ABAC is to bring the premier thought leaders from all niches of Blockchain into one potent advisory  meant to expedite the path from education to facilitation in the Legislative and Federal landscapes.

ABAC is designed to offer industry Thought Leaders a forum with the right audience of decision-makers to start introducing meaningful content and conversations to Congress, Federal Agencies, and academia about relevant niches surrounding Blockchain, including Supply Chain and Cryptocurrency. We bring thought leaders directly into the halls of Congress to discuss the issues that are critical to the development of a wide array of next-generation technological applications. 

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Our unique Fellowship program offers qualified subject matter experts the opportunity to:

Regularly Brief Congress.

Assist Representatives with talking points and one-on-one advisory.


Participate in hearings and briefings as needed.


Contribute to Congressional Round Tables as an industry voice and subject matter experts.


Review and advise on developing legislation.


Utilize our heavily distributed newsletter subscriber base to introduce research and/or author a regular column.


Ongoing opportunities to engage Federal Agency, state and local government officials.


Participate in virtual summits, expert panels and press conferences.


and much more.