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Catalyst Asymmetric Warfare Institute

Our primary focus is the National Security implications of offensive and defensive Toxicology and Genetic Warfare. In the hyper evolving asymmetric warfare space, the players, the offensives, and defensives are continuously changing. Through this unique advisory, our Fellows assist Congress and Federal Agencies with the subject matter expertise not so readily available among traditional warfare advisories.


We take a hybrid approach to the asymmetric space and introduce experts well-versed in Toxicology, Chemical, and Genetic Warfare, while also including scientists and experts for briefing in other non-traditional warfare genres such as Space, Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Economic Warfare and more. Our mission with CAWI is to continue to offer a full range advisory of the most bleeding-edge tools, tactics and procedures of this warfare space.

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Our Fellows have the unique forum to:

Internationally Publish Research and distribute directly to other experts for peer review.

Advise a ready audience within Congress and the Federal Agencies who see the tremendous value of this unique content.

Customize talking points for Representatives

Customize talking points for Representatives.


Participate in Congressional and Federal Agency Round Table sessions.


Respond to requests from offices, committees and caucuses on the Hill for virtual and in-person Q & A sessions, panels and briefings.

Participate in highly promoted summits and expert panels that bring together subject matter thought leaders from around the world.

Engage the media via one on one interview requests, post briefing press conferences and chime in on current events as the media engages with CRI for subject matter experts.

and much more...