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Catalyst Veteran's Health Institute

With a keen focus on the mental health of the returning Veteran and that of their family members, we bring experts to Congress and the organizations that exist to support them. As world renown Thought Leaders, our elite group of Fellows are experts hailing from various niches within medicine. From seasoned psychiatrists to physicians to surgeons, we are able to dedicate time and expertise to a wide variety of issues that most organizations are not equipped to take on.


Our primary activity is to educate Congress and federal agencies on the realities of the unique mental health issues facing veterans and their families while simultaneously offering tools, tactics, and procedures to assist the legislative representatives in helping those in need most expediently and potently possible.

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Our Fellows contribute their expertise in the following manner:

Congressional advisory, expert round table contribution, representative talking points, Congressional Hearings, and topical individual and group representative briefings.

Publishing material for the industry to utilize for population health cases.

Virtual Summits and Washington DC briefings are open to industry and the public where they can share their latest research and expertise.


Podcast and Video interviews that are available for free download.


Federal agency briefings and research anthologies and collectives.

Newsletter with expert analysis and thought leader Op-Eds.

And much more.