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National Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are subjects in which there are few tested and proven experts and even fewer Thought Leaders who can guide the pace of this critical conversation in the environment of political divide and distractions that is so often an ingredient in the legislative landscape. 

The NIAI Fellows program offers subject matter experts the unique experience to contribute their expertise to the American federal agency, congressional and academia space.

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Our unique Fellowship program offers qualified subject matter experts the opportunity to:

Regularly Brief Congress

Assist Representatives with talking points and one on one advisory


Participate in hearings and briefings as needed


Contribute to Congressional Round Tables as an industry voice and subject matter experts


Review and advise on developing legislation


Utilize our heavily distributed newsletter subscriber base to introduce research and/or author a regular column.


Ongoing opportunities to engage Federal Agency, state and local government officials


Participate in virtual summits, expert panels and press conferences


and much more